Big Hits with Big Z

Big Z plays the biggest hits, Mondays through Thursdays

Talent: Sebastian Zieniewicz

Producer: Sebastian Zieniewicz

Genre: Top 40

Monday through Friday evenings

Demi in the mornings

Demi Jones gets you ready for the day with the DOG'S hottest hits

Talent: Demi Jones

Producer: Demi Jones

Genre: Top 40

Weekday mornings

DJ on Wednesday's drive home

DJ brings you the hottest hits on Wednesday's drive home

Talent: DJ Shaw

Producer: DJ Shaw

Genre: Top 40

Wednesday afternoons & evenings

DOGPOUND Chalk Talk & Dirt

Blake, Eddie & Jon bring you the latest in sports from CP to the pros.

Talent: Blake Pysh, Eddie Finn & Jon Lieber

Producer: Blake Pysh

Genre: Sports Talk

Monday and Friday evenings

Emily on Tuesday afternoons

Emily brings a little lift while on your drive home Tuesday afternoons

Talent: Emily Dill

Producer: Emily Dill

Genre: Top 40

Tuesday afternoons & evenings

Emma in the mornings

Emma helps wake you up with a cup of hot hits

Talent: Emma Duggan

Producer: Emma Duggan

Genre: Top 40

Sunday evenings


Matt & Eli discuss latest trends in gaming, new releases and the world of eSports

Talent: Matt Kaufman & Eli Lane

Producer: Matt Kaufman

Genre: Video Games and Gaming

Wednesday evenings

Hayden plays the hits into the early morning

Hayden Gard plays hot hits into the early morning

Talent: Hayden Gard

Producer: Hayden Gard

Genre: Top 40

Friday overnights

Jam Sessions

Sam & Kretzy review new and classic albums

Talent: Sam Massey & Alex Kretz

Producer: Alex Kretz

Genre: Music critique

Tuesday & Thursday evenings

Jamie on Monday overnights

Jamie keeps the hits coming while getting you ready for Monday mornings

Talent: Jamie Manojlovic

Producer: Jamie Manojlovic

Genre: TOp 40

Monday overnight

Kayla Dill

Kayla Dill plays the hottest hits on Friday and Saturday nights

Talent: Kayla Dill

Producer: Kayla Dill

Genre: Top 40

Friday afternoons & evenings

Kickin' It with Kylie - Mondays on The DOG

Kylie Ellison brings you the biggest hits the only way Kylie can...HER way!

Talent: Kylie Ellison

Producer: Kylie Ellison

Genre: Top 40

Monday afternoons & evenings

Krezty on Sunday nights

Kretzy finishes off the weekend with hot hits

Talent: Alex Kretz

Producer: Alex Kretz

Genre: Top 40

Sunday evenings

Party People

Party People is the show that brings both parties to politics.

Talent: Bracco and Bri

Producer: KJ Robinson

Genre: Politics

Middays Mondays & Fridays

The Casual Man with Rocco Jann

Rocco Jann critiques new and old films for the casual moviegoer

Talent: Rocco Jann

Producer: Rocco Jann

Genre: Film Critique

Friday afternoons & evenings

The Morning Bark

The Morning Bark brings you all the hot topics and best music every weekday morning.

Talent: Claire Patena, Chris Gloff & Ella Walley

Producer: Chris Gloff

Genre: Talk

Weekday mornings

Vangie and the Thursday afternoon drive

Vangie plays the music you love during the Thursday afternoon drive home

Talent: Vangie Malkimos

Producer: Vangie Malkimos

Genre: Top 40

Thursday afternoons & evenings